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Dr. Mike Caruana

Santa Monica, California, USA
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Dr. Mike Caruana is a former dentist who quit his high-paying career in 1996, when, having earned a good living from network marketing in dental school, he realized that owning his own home-based business would give him more freedom and income than a traditional job. He quickly discovered that 95% of those who try network marketing lose all of their money because of unscrupulous practitioners poisoning the industry by overpromising and underdelivering.

He believes that, when done right, network marketing can be a proactive, positive way to control your own destiny. His checklist of must-haves will help determine if a particular opportunity will suit you for long-term financial success, and his proven step-by-step methodology will dramatically increase your likelihood of success so you can become a member of the 5% Circle—the exclusive club of network marketers who love their life, love being their own boss, love working from home, and love making money, more money than they ever dreamed possible.