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Nano Daemon

Ermington, New South Wales, Australia
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Nano Daemon is based in Australia and writes from personal experience on the following subjects: the Nature of Reality, the Psyche of Man, Consciousness and Altered States of Consciousness, Astral Projection and Lucid Dreams. Her passion is the study of the mind.

I was born lucky. At a relatively young age, I had achieved all my dreams. Then, without any preliminaries, my world turned upside down to reveal the illusions of my reality.

Through a series of well orchestrated synchronicities, I was led to “wake up” to the other side of reality and the mysteries of creation. I discovered that we have the capacity to access other dimensions through altered states of consciousness and I was eventually escorted on a conducted tour of the afterlife – the land of the “dead”.

I was shown that death is not the end of life, but simply a transition from one state of reality to another. I was shown that on the other side, we continue precisely from where we left off on this planet.

Understanding the nature of death has led me to look at my life from a completely different perspective and to live it fully and unconditionally. Frustrations come and go with the flow of life, but do not linger or stick.

Life is a short-term experience which may promote or hinder any progress towards the highest version of who we really are, according to how we have internalised the events of our lives.

Since the discovery of these truths, my life is relatively free of stress and anxiety as I’ve learned that toxic thoughts and toxic emotions turn into toxic chemicals that poison the body. I now even look forward with excitement to my transition to the other side and the greater adventures awaiting my curious mind.

In the meantime I dedicate my life to transmitting my findings through books and talks.