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Dr. Richard Kelley

Austin, Texas, USA
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Dr. Richard Kelley has spent almost 20 years in the field of medicine. He practices full-time bariatric medicine in Austin, Texas and lives a lifestyle based on the principles of optimal fitness. His mission is to help others understand the mechanics of how to transform and optimize the physical body through fitness and optimal nutrition, and how doing so gives individuals the leverage to empower all other areas of their lives.

Dr. Kelley and his wife, Sherrill, founded Physician’s Way Healthy Weight Loss in Austin, Texas in 2006, and have been helping Texas patients get healthy ever since.

Dr. Kelley is the author of three books: The Fitness Response, 21-Steps to ‘Model’ Your Way to a Fit, Fabulous Body, as well as The 3 Hour Appetite, The Key to Increasing Fat Loss, Boosting Metabolism and Achieving Your Weight Loss Goals, and The 3-Hour Appetite Companion Cook Book, co-authored by his wife, Sherrill.