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Robbi Hess

Albion, New York, USA
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Robbi Hess is a journalist, pet blogger, copywriter and business owner who is also a three-year breast cancer ―thriver.‖ Diagnosed three weeks before her 50th birthday, she briefly gave into fear and anger at the diagnosis and at the life-shattering, life-altering surgeries she faced. Because she had so much to live for, she dove into researching the best general and plastic surgeons, radiology and medical oncologists and relied on her family, her faith and her online support group, The Booby Buddies, to travel the road ahead.

She kept her business going and came out the other side with an appreciation for living in the moment. She now speaks to groups about time management and conquering the overwhelm for business owners. She shares the lessons she‘s learned with facing a devastating diagnosis, keeping a business running and doing it all in in a manner that now offers her an actual work/life balance.