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Sandra Fecht

Orillia, Ontario, Canada
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Sandra Fecht has been a Psychotherapist in Canada for more than 40 years and has spent much of her life revealing the sub-conscious of people. Over the years, she has discovered and developed many methods of getting to the truth of peoples’ conscious and unconscious thoughts and programs.

Sandra has developed a method called ‘Dynamic Swaying’, a hand-on energy technique that rivals tapping. She will give you a better understanding of what elements affect you on a physical, social, energetic and spiritual level. She’ll help you to identify what affects your behaviour, the people around you and as many of the outside forces as you can imagine.

Sandra provides the tools to identify and acknowledge when you are not in balance, as well as some methods that are useful in bring you back into a place of balance quickly.

Sandra is a pioneer and warrior. Her wise and heart-full work has transformed many, many lives; brought them from living in confusion and darkness to a life of clarity and light. Sandra has developed and uses a myriad of techniques to uncover the truth, liberate the programs and beliefs that no longer serve you and creates an authentic path that serves both the individual and the collective consciousness.