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Sheila Kennedy

Rochester, New York, USA
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For over twenty years, Sheila Kennedy has been sharing skills, resources and encouragement with people that will equip them for the successful achievement of their own AMAZING. An adult life skills trainer for ten years, Sheila assisted countless people to step out of their comfort zone and helped facilitate real and lasting change. As a middle school teacher, she discovered a whole new set of skills for working with and reaching young people.

Currently, Sheila is the mother of a teenager and definitely uses all of her experience, skills and knowledge to navigate those tumultuous waters. Deeply passionate about igniting change in others, Sheila coaches through a variety of methods to lift them up and launch them into their own AMAZING!

“Feeling like you aren’t valuable can leave you feeling alone, powerless and stuck. The good news is you are none of those things! You are one decision away from changing all of that! J29 Project has some great tools to help you and I can’t wait to share them with you!

The J29 Project POWER Party (j29project.com) is a great place to start! You will get what you need to recognize you’re AMAZING!” Sheila Kennedy