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Thornhill, Ontario, Canada
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Bestseller Status: Confirmed

Tsufit is the author of the hot new book, Step Into the Spotlight: A Guide to Getting Noticed. Tsufit was recently featured in Entrepreneur magazine and has been described by The Toronto Star as “a starburst of energy . . . bright, bubbly, and upbeat,” and by Publisher’s Weekly as “a coaching dynamo.” Her book, Step Into the Spotlight, has been endorsed by Tom Peters, Jay Conrad Levinson, Jack Trout, and BNI founder Dr. Ivan Misner.

As a singer, television actress, comedienne, and the subject of hundreds of featured newspaper articles and television and radio appearances, Tsufit has appeared doing standup comedy in nightclubs and on national TV and has appeared on television and film commercials internationally.

Tsufit coaches entrepreneurs, business owners, authors, speakers, and CEOs to catapult their brands and themselves into a starring role. She teaches her clients to get seen, get heard, and get noticed.