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Wendy Baudin

Port Orange, Florida, USA
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Hi, I am Wendy Baudín and so happy that you are here visiting with me. I started paving my path to become a Self-Love Sherpa 30 years ago while doing plenty of deep and heavy lifting in my life. Having dealt with and overcome a wide range of challenges, speed bumps, and life-changing experiences – ranging from surviving a near-death experience, suffering the tragic loss of a twin son at birth, navigating divorce, grieving the death of a parent, facing and getting beyond bankruptcy, overcoming cancer and adrenal gland burnout and being a Care Giver for my Mother, I’ve acquired the skills to move ahead with grace — without carrying the weight of such heavy baggage.

“I possess clairvoyant and psychic abilities and the capacity to see the truth from my heart.”

This allows me to tap deep into people and sense where their magnificence and truth is… I can easily bring to light their amazing self worth and increase their level of self esteem and confidence. After my Near Death Experience, I see life from a whole different perspective and can easily tune into my inner guidance without my ego getting in the way.

I know what it’s like to feel like “I’ve lost everything” even when I’d given so much of myself. That was the point I was missing, that giving my ALL to everyone else was out of balance. I had also cut myself off from receiving. I wasn’t being me.

“I remember sitting one day and could feel my inner self crying to come out.”

For years I did everything I could to build up my life. But what I finally realized only after years of self-inquiry and exploration was that I had been looking on the outside for what was missing on the inside. I wasn’t listening nor connecting to my higher self.

I put everything into being a perfect Mother, Wife, Daughter and Friend but when my Son died and then my Father my marriage fell apart…in fact my life fell apart. I then tried to put all my focus into a new business but when that partnership failed I lost everything. Again, I gave my ALL only to discover a huge part of myself was unexpressed. It seemed like I had failed at everything.

“I didn’t just jump from despair to Divine Love, it was a journey of healing, of exploration and of being willing to open to the channels that have always been there.”

As a supportive spiritual guide, friend and a coach, who has been there and understands how life can have it’s challenges, I am completely open and a conduit for Divine Guidance. The support I give is directly from my heart. I am an encyclopedia of life and want to share that with you so you can succeed in creating and living a happy and fulfilled life.